Shuttle Time Lesson Plans (Eng)

Shuttle Time Lesson Plans (Eng)

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The Shuttle Time programme includes 22 free Lesson Plans.
These plans are split into 4 sections, beginning with
10 Starter Lessons aimed at pupils with little or no badminton
experience. Each section builds on skills introduced in previous
lessons. Each Shuttle Time lesson is based on 60 minutes of
activity and includes a variety of technical, physical and fun games
for pupils. Teachers may wish to deliver lessons 1-22 in sequence,
however the lessons are extremely flexible and can be adapted in
many different ways giving teachers the option to:

Reduce or increase the duration of activities.
Adapt activities to suit the needs of pupils.
Repeating lessons more than once.
Reduce or increase the duration of a lesson.
Create new lessons using activities from different lesson plans.

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